Remote Control Keypad

Versatile KVM Switch Control

  • Avaiable as a keypad or a stick
  • Available with PS/2 or USB ports
  • Product is connected in-line with the keyboard
  • Programmable to send any sequence of keys from a single press
  • Remap keyboard shortcuts to a single key
  • USB model allows you to drag and drop shortcuts to any key
  • Supports all operating systems

Typical Application

Remote Control Keypad application


Remote Control Keypad is an innovative and highly useful addition to a computer switching system and is available in a PS/2 or USB model. With it, you can easily enter repeated words, phrases, or commands with the push of a button. It is ideal for graphic designers, HTML coders, and many other professionals who enter repetitive words, phrases, or commands.

Each key is easily programmed by simply sliding the program switch to on, pushing a key, typing in a word or phrase, and then pushing the same key again. Anytime the programmed key needs to be used, it can be pressed and the word or phrase is then entered into the application being used.

The USB model offers even more features. After the application software is installed, applications can be launched with a single button, desktop icons assigned by dragging and dropping them to any key, plus keys programmed to repeat any word, phrase, or command. Remote Control Keypad is the perfect solution for frequently typed information like names, phone numbers, passwords, and keyboard shortcuts. Remote Control Keypad plugs into a KVM switch for use with multiple CPUs from one KVM station.


(W x D x H)
Keypad: 4.25" x 7" x 1" (108 x 178 x 25.4 mm)
Stick: 14.25" x 0.87" x 0.63" (362 x 22 x 16 mm)
Weight Keypad: 0.6 lbs (0.3 kgs)
Stick: 0.4 lbs (0.2 kgs)
Power Powered by PS/2 or USB
Keypad: 1W
Stick: 1W
Distance Video: 25 feet (7.6m)
Connectors USB models: USB Type A
PS/2 models: PS/2 male/female
Controls Keypad: 4x5 key array
Stick: 1x16 key array
Unit power: Green LED
Data: Red LED
Environment Operating temperature: 32°F–113°F (0°C–45°C)
Storage temperature: -13°F–140°F (-25°C–60°C)
Relative humidity: 5%–85%, non-condensing

Part numbers

Product Part Number Description
RCK-KP4x5-P PS/2 20 keys, 4x5 format
RCK-KP4x5-U USB 20 keys, 4x5 format
RCK-KS1x16-P PS/2, 16 keys, 1x16 format
RCK-KS1x16-U USB, 16 keys, 1x16 format