Orion Cross Repeater

Converts and extends CATx and Fiber cables for Orion

Product Picture
  • CATx only and Fiber only models available
  • Mixed CATx and Fiber models available
  • Single port and dual port models available
  • Each card installs into an Orion extender chassis, with 2,4 and 6 card options available – there is also a 21 card option for high density cross repeater applications
  • Bi-directional data ports, configurable as either input or output ports
  • High quality signal processing and amplification ensures no signal degradation or transmission artifacts


The Orion XR Cross Repeater is a versatile signal transmission product that can be used to extend the distance of a digital CATx or Fiber cable, or to cross convert between CATx and Fiber, or vice-versa.

When used as a KVM cable extender, the product functions as a repeater to double the installed CATx or Fiber cable distance.

For cross connection between CATx and Fiber cables, the Orion XR Cross Repeater features bi-directional data ports, individually configurable as either inputs or outputs. No additional configuration of the product is required. Electrical and optical conversion is assured.

The inter-changeability between CATx and Fiber cable, and the use of bi-directional data ports with single and dual port options makes the Orion XR Cross Repeater an invaluable accessory product for digital cabling applications. No matter what data is being transmitted via the cable, whether it's video, USB, audio, or serial, the Orion XR Cross Repeater provides a full electrical and optical conversion solution.

The Fiber modules are Gigabit SFP single-mode with LC connectors. The Fiber cable can be either single-mode or multi-mode, but the connected fiber optic hardware must have single-mode SFP's.


Dimensions (W x D x H) 5.7" x 5.7" x 1.6" (146 x 146 x 41 mm) (1U)
Weight 0.9 lb (0.4 kg)
Power 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz Power at chassis:2x: External adapter, +5V, 3A2x: Internal power supply, AC line power4x: External adapter, +5V, 5A6x: Internal power supply, AC line powerOptional redundant power supply6x: External adapter, +5V, 8A
Distance CATx: 2x 460' (140m) = 280mSingle-mode fiber: (9µ): 2x33,000' (10Km) = 20km
Connectors CATx link: RJ45 jack, one per video portFiber link: Duplex LC, Fiber SFP, single modePower: +5VDC
Controls 1+4: Failure LED (Green)2+5: Status LED (Green)3: Device Status (Multicolor)
Environment Operating temperature: 41°F–113°F (5°C–45°C)Storage temperature: -13°F–140°F (-25°C–60°C)Relative humidity: 0%–80%, non-condensing


OX2-CNV-01CC CATx to CATx, single port, 2-card chassis
OX2-CNV-01SC CATx to Fiber, single port, 2-card chassis
OX2-CNV-01SS Fiber to Fiber, single port, 2-card chassis
OX2-CNV-02CC CATx to CATx, dual port, 2-card chassis
OX2-CNV-02SC CATx to Fiber, dual port, 2-card chassis
OX2-CNV-02SS Fiber to Fiber, dual port, 2-card chassis


Datasheet • Orion Cross Repeater PDF
Manual • Orion Cross Repeater • Installation and Operation PDF